Environmental Policy 481 (University of Arizona)

This course focuses on policies and approaches used to protect and improve environmental quality in the United States. After an introductory unit, we spend the majority of our time exploring four major approaches to environmental policy: command and control regulations; market-based instruments; collaborative and community-based governance; voluntary instruments; information as environmental policy; and issues in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Our exploration is both theoretical and practical. Throughout the course, we will consider the role of a range of governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, citizens and communities, and private sector businesses that are involved in developing, implementing, and enforcing environmental policies.

A core component of this course is a policy brief for which student “consultants” chose a single pollution topic and write on four distinctly different policy alternatives over the semester. I provide comments on each draft that must be addressed and incorporated into final summary report that students can use in job materials and interviews with government, NGO’s, thinktanks and the like.

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